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My daddy was a dairyman and cow trader, I grew up going with him to different stockyards watching him use his keen eye to pick out an underpriced cow or bull. He did not have the benefit of EPDs, scans or history of a bull or cow. All he had was his experience and his eye.

His specialty was furnishing fresh cows to the family dairies which dotted our landscape in those days. But his Whiteface cattle were his first love. They were, as now, gentle, efficient and pretty. If he were alive today, he would still find those characteristics, but he would find much more milk, calving ease, and other breed characteristics than he could have ever imagined. A good example of this genetic change is in calving ease. Daddy was so concerned about first time heifers being able to have a calf unassisted that he bred his heifers to a Jersey bull the first time. Today with great improvement in maternal calving ease, we breed earlier and with the comfort that the heifers will have no problem birthing their calves.

I went off to the University of Georgia, and Daddy finally sold his cows as age crept up on him. Coming home from law school and starting a family, a law practice and going into politics, gave little time to return to the delight of my childhood. But, a few years ago with children educated and suffering from a political disease (the people became sick of me) I returned to raising cows I showed as a youngster. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Hereford cattle.

When I returned to the raising of Hereford cattle, I wanted to make sure we would offer only the very best to other breeders and commercial cattlemen. That is what we have---the very best in genetics and phenotype. These cattle are the result of a disciplined breeding program we believe will withstand the test of time.

Roy and Marie Barnes, Owners
447 Whitlock Ave.
Marietta, GA 30064

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Our program offers specific focus on calving ease, optimal maternal
traits and high quality carcass traits with the end product in mind.



Roy and Marie Barnes, Owners

447 Whitlock Ave.
Marietta, GA 30064

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